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Time for a Teaching MOT!

The Academy has a wealth of experience and practice within it, and engaging each other in academic and pedagogical discussions will only serve to boost the support we can give to the learning within the Academy. We can, and do, learn so much from each other, and these short, fortnightly, morning sessions can serve to develop us as educators and empower the profession within the Academy even more.

We decided to run them in the morning, (pastries included!), with all presenter/organisers of short 3-5 min activities being volunteers, members of our own staff, who have stepped up to share with us something they feel will benefit our practice. We endeavored to have a focus for some of these sessions relating to our improvement plan, and linked to the CPD needs of the staff.

But mainly, it was just an opportunity for our staff to share their practice, to discuss and start their day with a positive outlook towards learning. We realised that our time is precious, and what better way to use it then to discuss how to increase the learning of our pupils!

motsThis image will take you to some of our sessions run by our amazing staff.

As the image depicts, we have some fantastic resources that I will make available on the teaching and learning section of the blog.

An amazing free CPD resource, a great way of empowering staff and celebrating their practice.



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