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Sir David Carter

I was very privileged to attend Sir David Carter’s (@Carter6D) presentation this evening as part of the Taunton Teaching Alliance program of leadership CPD.

As the former commissioner of education in the SW, and now National School Commissioner, he has a clear aim and goal in  mind, to ensure that every child has attends a good school and that there is a program of sustained school improvement across the country.

Exploring the sequence of structural change though the development of MATs and collaborative partnerships, it seems that we are heading into an age of increased collaboration, a time where schools and academies are no longer islands with single leadership teams and governance.

A release of autonomy?

A way of increasing accountability for the young people’s education?

There will always be caveats that will affect the ultimate goal and strategic priorities, challenges that will ensure we may have to adapt our the direction the South West is heading, but as part of the Somerset Challenge, are in a strong position to lead the way. Feb 12th marks our common inset, a chance for all somerset schools to meet and share an inset day in our subject areas. This is unique to the SW, and in its 4th year, has evolved now to have a Middle school specific day, a real bonus for the middle school colleagues who can sometimes feel neglected what with the noises consistently made towards EBacc/Prgress 8 issues.

Thank you very much for a splendid presentation and a real insight into the exciting direction we are heading in. We seem to be in safe hands.



Assistant Head Teacher, Geographer, all round Educational Enthusiast

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