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Learning Language#£$%&###???

What should the language of learning be? Direct? Inclusive? Autocratic? Democratic?

The constructivist view of learning would dictate that the language used should be created with the learner, an inclusive task making it easier to gauge what has actually been learned, what links have been made to prior and post practice. But someone, whether it be the learner or the teacher, needs to create a foundational language that is habitually used across the learning environment. Guy Claxton’s 4 R’s;

Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflection and Reciprocity

seem a positive place to start when building a consistent language of learning across the learning environment. Our objectives remain the same;

  • To equip pupils with more effective learning skills and strategies
  • To create an ethos of resilience in the learning of all pupils

And it is not something new; it’s now about making it more explicit in the lessons and providing the pupils with the tools to develop their own pedagogical knowledge. As part of our More Able intervention strategies in the humanities dept, we have created a learning evaluation summary sheet, ( and these will be our canaries in the school to what extent the pupils use and apply correctly the language of learning. Dylan William’s paper on ‘Formative assessment and contingency in the regulation of learning processes’ (2014) postulates the importance of regular checks on the pupils language use, and how, through effective formative assessment we can regulate it. We are thinking about being proactive rather than reactive in creating a homogenous language of learning in the school, and will look to using the supplementary language that accompanies the 4 Rs as well as our work on Growth Mindset to really augment the pupils learning taxonomy.

We will also look to utilise the characters to emphasise the different parts of the language, and also to have a bit of fun with it too;

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