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Professionals to drive the Profession


Questions will always arise when you attend courses and conferences; and the chance of ‘Initiative Drain‘ for those unsuspecting staff back at base can always be high, (I mean how many ideas do we bring back, the to do lists……), but I am a great believer in the questions you generate throughout the day.

ResearchED ; a grass-roots, teacher-led organisation aimed at improving research in education held their South West Conference.

I attended.

A vast and diverse amount of questions/wonderings/queries from the day are listed underneath.

  1. What level of educational researcher needs to exists in school for them to succeed?
  2. Does there need to be more of an engaged level of interaction between teachers and pedagogical research in schools?
  3. Do teachers in schools create a high level of aspiration for pupils? Are they learners too?
  4. Do schools need a clear programme of practitioner research for all staff?
  5. Is the Academy an ‘Expert-Led-Sysytem’?
  6. What are the perceived benefits and obvious limitations of school to school collaboration? Here I am led to look at the 4 areas of educational collaboration as hypothesised by Daniel Muijs, (@ProfDanielMuijs
  7. How do you create a self-improving system for teacher CPD?
  8. Are all staff building a picture of the learning in their lessons whilst raising the expectations of the pupils?

And almost certainly the largest and most inflammatory question;

What would your curriculum be if we abolished all external examinations?’





Assistant Head Teacher, Geographer, all round Educational Enthusiast

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