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The 3 E’s; Everyone, Everywhere, Enjoy!

The link below takes you to the ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ white paper released by the DFE last week. It outlines the direction and vision they have for the future of education in our fair Isle, and what those impacts could potentially be on us, the troops on the ground! A few highlights after a quick ‘skim and scan’ (one for the ENG dept there!);

Educational-Excellence-EverywhereThe highlights that I have ‘eeked’ out are those relating to the educational direction of the Academy, but I feel they have wider significance for all practitioners and the development of learning in the classroom.

1.36.f & g: CPD and Evidence-informed profession: The intention is to develop high Quality CPD materials for professionals by teachers and have a central store for these materials, (just like our teaching and learning folder on our own Intranet and here on the Tools page?!)

1.55.c: Embedding a character of resilience for all children: A fundamental part of the Academy’s  learning ethos and the tasks that takes place there. It is also something we are always looking to improve and build upon as reflective practitioners, (Guy Claxton’s 4 Rs and the Language of Learning).

2.55. Letting the teachers teach: Dispelling fads and non-evidenced based research and encouraging teachers and professionals to share practice research amongst themselves, like our very own CPD library, a list of the texts I have listed here, (No.7 Books List) please feel free to comment any additions we may need.

2.58: EEFs Teaching and Learning Toolkit: A collection of intervention strategies in a series of hierarchies based on their cost, evidence and monthly impact. This is now being added to regularly, but it remains to be seen whether the evidence they are collecting is high quality and has relevance for all demographics of educations.

Well there we go, the stall has been set out by the DFE, they want us all to become more reflective, more engaged in pedagogical research, and will put in place working groups to ease the workload so we can achieve this. The proliferation of educational blogs that are available, written and suggested by professionals, (Chris Hildrew, ReseachED, David Weston, Zoe Elder, Gary King, and Bodil I not even a drop in the huge, vast mega educational research ocean), surely go to show that we are already there?

Centralising a talent pool for schools to search for the right appointment I believe will go a long way in assuring the right teachers find the right home. The best teachers must effective change in the areas that require it, and this can only happen if schools can locate them more efficiently.

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Modelling good learning

As we adapt our lesson evaluations to be more qualitative and inclusive, it made sense to include the teacher as much as possible in the process; they are main protagonists and will be looking to develop based on the pedagogical conversations after the evaluation. The 4 questions we use to initiate the discussions are general enough to allow for tangents, but all encompass that primary theme, the pupil’s learning. To aid the focus of all parties involved, we have created a ‘pre learning evaluation’ form, something the teacher can fill in and give to the member performing the evaluation.  This is a trial, a chance to see whether or not we as professionals are able to put eyes on ourselves and really hone in on the areas we would like to develop, and areas we feel are real strengths.

pre learning evaluation form

We constantly ask our own pupils to peer and self-assess and reflect, to synthesise those thoughts and discuss them with each other, so why shouldn’t we? Already we have made available to staff the opportunity to include the pupils in their own personal learning journey as a teacher by having one of their perf management targets up on the wall, (adapted language and generalised rather than the actual wording).

learning focus  (with my own personal focus in for this term!)

The thinking, we are all learners, and modelling this to pupils will enable them to see that learning is a lifelong relationship, one they have to be active in, not neglect and leave until the love has gone!