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Modelling good learning

As we adapt our lesson evaluations to be more qualitative and inclusive, it made sense to include the teacher as much as possible in the process; they are main protagonists and will be looking to develop based on the pedagogical conversations after the evaluation. The 4 questions we use to initiate the discussions are general enough to allow for tangents, but all encompass that primary theme, the pupil’s learning. To aid the focus of all parties involved, we have created a ‘pre learning evaluation’ form, something the teacher can fill in and give to the member performing the evaluation.  This is a trial, a chance to see whether or not we as professionals are able to put eyes on ourselves and really hone in on the areas we would like to develop, and areas we feel are real strengths.

pre learning evaluation form

We constantly ask our own pupils to peer and self-assess and reflect, to synthesise those thoughts and discuss them with each other, so why shouldn’t we? Already we have made available to staff the opportunity to include the pupils in their own personal learning journey as a teacher by having one of their perf management targets up on the wall, (adapted language and generalised rather than the actual wording).

learning focus  (with my own personal focus in for this term!)

The thinking, we are all learners, and modelling this to pupils will enable them to see that learning is a lifelong relationship, one they have to be active in, not neglect and leave until the love has gone!




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