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The Pupil Planet

The Pupil Planet

Simon Sineck’s Start with Why, so simple, so obvious and something I really believe is vital in maintaining a clear and purposeful direction for a school. Why do we do this? For the pupils, it’s an altruistic calling, (I sound like a broken cracked record continually banging on about this pupil-led focus!), the most important name on a set of data is not the teachers but the 30 names underneath it. They are all individuals with complex needs and a plethora of skills that shouldn’t in theory work alongside each other, but amazingly they do! That is down to the dedicated nature of the teacher and subsequent activities and tasks they differentiate to ensure that the pupil succeeds no matter what their starting point.

I like to think of pupils as planets, distinct in their fragilities and intricate in design, they need to keep turning! We are here to set the atmospheres for them to learn and learn well, and to ensure that we do not pollute these atmospheres with the pressure that exists in 21st century education. Each layer that surrounds the planet is there to absorb the burdens and loads to maintain a healthy vibrant planet. Are we doing enough though? Are we deflecting enough of these dangerous rays? And have we saturated the atmosphere with too many ‘satellite’ learning initiatives? Hmmm, the analogy is staring to deteriorate so I’ll jump ship now!

We obviously want more than just the headline figures for the pupils, (results, data, ofsted etc.), as these are the bare minimums and non-negotiables that all stakeholders should want, but now we need to be reflecting on what needs to come after these headlines. Is it enough to just want all pupils to leave happy and prepared for life after education? As life-long learners? Who better to ask than the pupils themselves.

This ‘Pupil Teaching and Learning Group’ will look into;

– Those aspects of learning in the academy that are strong

– The pupils’ understanding of what we mean by Teaching and Learning

– What areas of learning need developing?

– How we could achieve this together?

Developing the pupil’s understanding of how we learn and the actual processes behind it will not only enhance and improve their own abilities; it can also benefit those around them. Pupils will be tasked with taking part in short investigations with myself and other members of staff to make a positive impact on the learning of the academy so that future generations will continue to receive the excellent standard of learning that is already part of the academy ethos. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage the pupils in some meta-cognitive work, to really understand the elements and methodologies of learning that we as teachers use day to day. I have attached the first,(session-1)we will use with the group to develop their understanding of basic pedagogy, which is looking at the power of feedback.

Sustainable learning growth to keep their planets turning!