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Intrinsic Expectations

I had originally delivered this session on ‘Improving Opportunities for our More Able Pupils’ at one of our MOT sessions, but upon reflection it became apparent that the following vehicles for improving learning were applicable for all pupils and should not really be isolated to those considered ‘More Able’. That’s the key factor here? Expectations; do we expect the same of all pupils regardless of their ability/starting point?

A skilled practitioner can quite straightforwardly differentiate through a variety of formative assessment methods and discussion with their pupils; dynamically adapting to the needs of the relevant class taking part in the learning. Surely with this confidence in meeting the needs of their pupils no one method should be kept back for those More Able or even Lower Ability pupils, the diet can be a rich a full one no matter the ability. It is mentioned time and time again, closing that learning loop for pupils is achievable as long as our expectations develop their intrinsic motivation.

The focus is on 6 key points that can be used in planning and delivery;

  • Guided Learning
  • Debating
  • Questioning
  • Modelling: (Implicit and Explicit)
  • Motivation: (Intrinsic and Extrinsic)
  • The Challenge Zone

The final point is something I have discussed before here, using work from  ‘The Expert Learner’ (Stobart 2015), about our ‘deliberate practice involving risk taking’, and how excellence is achieved from stepping out of the comfort zone, into the learning zone, (Colvin 2008).

The title of this presentation, ‘Improving Opportunities for our pupils and increasing all expectations’ is just woeful, a mouthful, and, well, just not very good! I was in my panic zone when creating that I can assure you!

Improving Opportunities pupils and ioncreasing expectations



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